Letícia Ribeiro 2.0 Gi - Blue

The Limited Edition Atama Leticia Ribeiro Women's Gi is back! The newest edition of Atama’s most popular women's kimono, the Leticia Ribeiro 2.0 Women's Gi has new color options (white, blue and black), as well as a brand new design.

With the same cut as the previous edition, the Atama Leticia Ribeiro Women's Gi features a 100% cotton lightweight Single Weave jacket, and traditional cotton pants, reinforced in the knee area to provide extra durability and protection. The design features the traditional Atama logo embroidered along the left shoulder, as well as on the mid-thigh area of the right pant leg. A butterfly has been incorporated on top of the iconic Atama Kanji coin logo, and embroidered on the right arm, left skirt, back of the gi, just under the collar. A fresh teal blue plaid pattern details the interior seam and shoulder lining.


  • Tailored cut for the female body
  • Cotton Single Weave jacket
  • Traditional cotton pants
  • IBJJF and CBJJF approved

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